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Marketing is just like dating, business and love and dating

Why Marketing is just like Dating

One big breakup, many dating apps, jokes with my cofounder Andrew around his “conversion rates” and coffee with one of my sales team confirmed it – marketing and sales are just like dating.

Charlotte Pearce on stage with natwest talking about being human

The “new buzzword” in marketing – Human

Hi wonderful human, I recently read the “New” buzzword of marketing is Human. I can’t help but giggle to myself that the “New” word in …

Inkpact's sustainable beautiful gifts

Goodbye plastic crap hello beautiful corporate gifts

Hi wonderful human, It’s time to say goodbye to crappy umbrellas, throw away plastic rubbish, Tacky USB sticks and stress balls. Corporate gifts have had …


10 (well 25) things I know to be true about myself

An excersise that will reconnect you with you & allow you to leave the impact and impression that you want on people you encounter, whether it’s a talk, a workshop or a coffee.. it’s time to get your pens out and write whats true about you

Goodbye to the old hello to the new

Going from Big to Small to Scale – The hardest decision I’ve ever had to make

Making the hardest decision i’ve had to make.. committing to our self serve platform, letting go of some of the team & creating a life of adventure

The day we met. the little van that would become my home, office & life mission

A Little van called Inky – dreams can come true

The story of how Inky the van came to be, some chance encounters, awesome humans & great ideas..

What's love got to do with it... Keynote Hypergrowth 2019

When I got a call asking me to speak alongside Jimmy Chin, Victoria Pendleton and Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan at one of the biggest marketing conferences I jumped with joy! This keynote is my most vulnerable yet, I talk about how connection to your customers is fundamental, how business is like dating and  why it’s time to add love into business vocab!

The world needs business with purpose

My work and this site is devoted to helping you build a business and a life you love, one with purpose, adventure love and one that creates WIN WIN WN situations, for people, our planet & our lives! 



Love Connection & Creativity


Inky the Van

A little campervan on a big mission  to spread love, connection and creativity across world and have a hell of an adventure along the way.  Inky’ will be my home, my office and a moving inspirational piece of art. Our adventure will take me all across the world, meeting beautiful people, digging deep into values and vision of world changing entrepreneurs, experiencing some breathtaking places and showing you can create your life from anywhere anytime. 


I  love nothing more than getting up on stage, having fun & inspiring a room full of people!  From the ground up, I have built a multi million pound marketing company, helped hundreds of brands connect with customers & guess what i’m no different from you or anyone else. I have a deep passion human psychology, technology, social impact & for doing things differently. I’ve shared my ideas and stories to thousands across the world from corporates, to charities, the government and even  royal households –  i’d love you and your business to be next. 


My thoughtful little tech baby Inkpact delivers handwritten personalised notes and gifts to the people who make your business great.  In a sea of digital noise, mass mailings & one to many services, we help growing businesses stand out from the crowd. Yes that’s right genuinely handwritten by real people – our scribe tribe, a tribe made up of single mothers, those recovering from cancer, artists to name a few – a Job and income for them, outstanding results for you. Join John lewis, Moet Hennessey, Macmillan, Good Energy and many more 

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What others have to say

I attended your talk at Hypergrowth I have to say it was by far the most inspiring of the day. It definitely resonated with me and supports the personal human ethos that we stand by.  I work with various firms and think your approach to sales and business is just what they need. Well done thoroughly enjoyable!

Fiona – Atendee Hypergrowth

Charlotte is one of those very rare women that is both terrifyingly successful and very charming.  She was one of our keynotes at Nudgestock presenting to over 400 of the UK’s leading marketers, clients and academics – she had the audience in the palm of her hand, she was consistently described in our feedback forms as one of the top speakers of the day.

Tara - ogilvy Change

Such a engaging and thought provoking workshop, perfect mix of inspiration and knowledge.  You really made me think differently about talking to our customers. Very inspired by your story, your company and your approach, 

One of the Good Energy Team

You’ve got this far so I must of done something right… great to have you here – I’m Charlotte, a super inquisitive, slightly crazy twenty something, obsessed with human psychology, brands & spirituality. I’m constantly trying to be the best human I can be & inspire others to do the same. Formally I’m the CEO & Founder of Inkpact.. you’ll find me… 


Hi there


In this series I go on a mission to discover how love, vulnerability, connection and taking a stand for the world is not just nice to have in business but is in fact fundamental. In raw and honest conversations, I uncover the emotional and human side of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs; Guests include: Activist & business women Gina Miller, Founder of Ella’s Kitchen Paul Lindley The Brains and beauty behind Tropic Skincare & apprentice star Susie Ma and many more.

The biggest adventure you can ever take
is to live the life of your dreams.

- Oprah

Charlotte Pearce