Hi I’m Charlotte, on a journey to be the best human I can be

Whilst having some fun along the way



Who the hell is charlotte?



Let’s start with the simple stuff –  I’m the CEO and Founder of  Inkpact.com we are an online platform that lets brands connect with their customers through thoughtful handwritten notes & gifts. We have a Scribe Tribe over over 380 people who physically handwrite each and every single one, the tribe is made up of single mothers, artists, people recovering from cancer and many more groups. Why? Because love = loyalty.

I also have the joy of also being a keynote speaker, I  love it, there is nothing like the feeling of exchanging energy with rooms of people talking about life and business. my aim is to get on as many stages around the world spreading my be more human & live a life you love messages,  If I can help people transform their business or their life then my job here is done – it’s what I live for.

An investor once asked me what do you do for fun? shamefully I couldn’t answer them so i’m “re-finding my hobbies” this includes  includes yoga, walking in nature, the ukelele & trying this blogging thing out. SO let me know what works what doesnt’t i’m here to serve and add value & help you to create a life and business you love. 

C x 


I truly believe that we create our reality. The work I do with people & brands is all around taking responsibility. Responsibility for your life, business, the planet & your happiness.

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“I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision”

- Maya Angelo

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