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Uncovering the emotional and human side of the world's most successful entrepreneurs


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What is Humans of Business?

Humans of Business on set with Paul Lindley
Charlotte & Humans of Business guest Paul Lindley

Humans of Business goes beyond a typical business podcast/video series; focusing not on the what, but the who. Through personal and purposeful conversations, entrepreneur Charlotte Pearce gets to know the humans behind some of the world’s most successful businesses.

Sometimes entrepreneurs seem to be close to a fictional superhero, but behind these perceptions there is a courageous human in pursuit to find meaning, purpose and make an impact on the world.

We are going to leave the practical business processes and financial successes at the door, instead shining a light on the emotional and personal side of these incredible humans of business.

Humans of Business guest Simon Rogerson
Humans of Business guest Gina Miller
Humans of Business guest Giles Humphries
Humans of Business guest Aron Gelbard
Humans of Business guest Ade Hassan
Humans of Business guest Paul Lindley
Humans of Business guest Susie Ma

Humans of Business guests include Investor and Activist Gina Miller, Paul Lindley founder of Ella’s Kitchen, The Apprentice star Susie Ma and many more.

Why does Humans of Business exist?

I love business podcasts and videos, I watch them A LOT but I hear the same stuff, the same questions and the same topics – scale, growth, raising money, overcoming challenges, all incredibly useful but quite often lacking in purpose, values and the emotions of the real human behind the company. It’s about time someone truly took the armour off entrepreneurs, we are not superheroes simply people with a mission and a stand in the world.

Humans of Business was born out of many refreshingly honest and open conversations with my investors. I realised how truly lucky I was to get to know some of the world’s best humans in business in a personal and emotional way. I thought what an incredible gift it would be to share who they are as people, not as CEO’s or entrepreneurs but as humans. So I set about uncovering what it means to be a human of business… and the series was born.

Humans of Business on set with Simon Rogerson
Humans of Business set with Susie Ma

Humans of Business aims to

Give founders, creatives and leaders an opportunity to reflect on their purpose, themselves, their life and their happiness.

Have raw, honest interviews to inspire you to truly make a difference in the world, live with purpose, be more vulnerable and challenge perceptions of what business really is.

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