The “new buzzword” in marketing – Human

Hi wonderful human,

I recently read the “New” buzzword of marketing is Human.

I can’t help but giggle to myself that the “New” word in marketing and business today is Human. It’s like helloooo we’ve been human since we first walked on this planet! But why are we using this word so much? And why is that a good thing?

Before I can talk about being human, I can’t skip past what’s happening all around us, all over the world – dehumanisation.

Maiese defines dehumanization as “the psychological process of demonizing the enemy, making them seem less than human and hence not worthy of humane treatment.”

We don’t have to look too far to see this happening, trolls on social media, memes of political figures, and what shocked me more than anything is how friends treated friends around the Brexit vote.

We are hiding behind our screens and dehumanising people… whether in politics, on social media or a caller on line 4; we are treating people like a number on a spreadsheet, like a emoji on the internet, it’s easy or easier to dehumanise someone when you don’t see them as human.

However, get up close, personal…it’s VERY difficult, you try looking into a mother’s eyes who simply wants the best product for her child and has been disappointed, try giving her bad service then. When we look, really look, that caller, that customer, that politician is a human being just like you or I, they have their worries, anxieties, insecurities too. They love like you, they hurt like you and they are just trying to do their best just like you. When we see the human for who they are it’s almost impossible to dehumanise them.

Here is a clip of me from a talk I did called being human which illustrated why it’s so important we see people as the humans they are…

But what effect does that have in business?  Dehumanisation sounds a bit negative and sad…well luckily the other side of the coin is when we see humans as the amazing people they are, life and business become very different.

Although we are each very individual, we are also the same. We are all humans, and have the same innate human needs, in fact there are 6 of them (thanks Tony Robbins)

The more every interaction from a brand to their customer hits on the human needs, the more engaged the person will be. It really is that simple, it isn’t rocket science.

So no matter the AR, VR chat bot stuff… It’s really very simple:

Verity, certainty, significance, growth, contribution, love and connection is all you need to know to connect with your customers.

  • Make your customer feel special and significant, this one’s easy, we all love to feel special, significant and like we are the only ones that matter, we know this in romantic relationships, where has it gone in business? Let’s bring it back
  • Mix it up with variety, talk to them in different ways, offer them different products, keep it new and exciting.
  • Help them grow, don’t just sell them “stuff” inspire them and add value to their lives, help them be the best human they can be.
  • Make sure they are certain you know who they are and know your service.
  • Give a damn about the planet and people, show you are contributing and get them to join in so they can contribute too.
  • Show them you love them – I did a whole talk you can watch here called what’s love got to do with it.

So why do we care that people are human:

1) because wouldn’t the world be a better place if we treated everyone through the eyes of a wonderful human and;

2) when it boils down to it, humans are buying your things and without them you wouldn’t exist. They are not a number – they kiss their kids in the morning and pick up dog poo in the afternoon. Treat them like the human they are; imperfectly perfect, trying the be the best version of themselves, just like you.

Top tip – if you find yourself treating your customers as numbers or dots on a chart – print their faces out all over your office, invite them in with their partners, kids, dogs etc. Go meet them see them – they are real life; this is real life and they are your life!

Love always

Charlotte  x

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