Goodbye plastic crap hello beautiful corporate gifts

Hi wonderful human,

It’s time to say goodbye to crappy umbrellas, throw away plastic rubbish, Tacky USB sticks and stress balls. Corporate gifts have had a makeover and it’s beautiful, ethical and sustainable – about time ay!

The B2C gifting market has moved on considerably. In the last few years, consumers are demanding beautiful products, ethically sourced, useful and sent in as little packaging as possible. But as ever the corporate world is a little behind. B2B for the majority still looks like Plastic Heavy branded tat that no one really wants or needs. Gone are the days of a pen with a logo, or an umbrella so heavily branded you’d rather get wet than use it!

Inkpact’s Ethos on Corporate Gifts

We decided it was time someone created a range that is beautiful, ethically sourced from local suppliers and shows the planet the respect it deserves – so we went ahead and created one, and oh my is it everything we wanted and more…

We wanted to make sure our gifts;

  1. Were actually wanted by your customers and employees. Products they want, love and will actually use.
  2. Fitted through the letterbox – no one wants to go to the post office after a long day at work.
  3. Supported the brands we know and love – collaboration over competition, always.
  4. Were made from recycled materials where possible, from the leather to the packaging we love you Mother Earth!
  5. Subtly branded in a beautiful way – they need to know who you are, but you don’t need to put your logo on everything!
  6. Were personalised, whether it’s the handwritten note that comes as standard or initials cleverly pulled through our technology, your recipients will love their gift thoughtfully made for them.
  7. Under £30, because we know every penny counts, but also those anti bribery laws are tight, we know you simply want to say thank you so don’t worry we have your back.

Our Finished Corporate Gifts

The result… tada

An example of a Corporate Gift Collection with a Handwritten Note

Breath-taking, aren’t they? If you received this from a brand wouldn’t you be overwhelmed and think wow how thoughtful! 

Some of you more analytical driven marketeers maybe thinking, it looks great Charlotte, but does it really work?

Well one of our customers last year sent gifts with us to their lapsed customers, the result was a cheeky £2m in revenue… that’s £2m from lost customers… Not bad ay!

You may also be asking, Charlotte how can we trust the quality, how can you possibly do thousands. Just like with our notecards Quality is number 1 for us, our technology Quality assures our handwritten notes and each gift has quality at its heart. However, don’t take it from me – John Lewis use us for their Christmas Gifting and we send 5,000 gifts every year – trust them instead!

Oh, and also trust Nigel, Nigel is great!

Inkpact made sending client gifts so easy, one client said it was the most thoughtful gift they’d ever received! It’s strengthened many relationships and I barely lifted a finger”

 – Marvelous Nigel, Hexion Speciality

How to purchase a corporate gift:

Now if you are sitting there thinking, I get it I love it, where do it buy?

Well the final piece of good news is, we LOVE technology, and in particular our technology, so all of your truly personal sustainable gifts are a few clicks away…

Head to and choose your product. It will then take you to our portal to personalise, upload recipients, pay and send. It really is that easy. You type, we handwrite, package and post.

You sit back and receive the heartfelt thanks.

Talking of heartfelt thanks, I owe a big one to Hannah (head of gifting and ops) for such a beautiful collection and all the hard work her, Jon, Andrew, Kate and the rest of the team have done on our new beautiful new website.

Love always,

Charlotte x

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