A Little van called Inky – dreams can come true

So, here’s a great story for you – one that shows we are so powerful when we are aligned; I managed to manifest my dreams in one of the hardest times of my life.

My Dreams…

For years now I’ve had a campervan on my vision board. I had visions of sunsets, sunrises, beaches, lakes, mountains, beautiful people and beautiful places. There is something so magical about a little van that can take you anywhere, hopping from location to location living a life full of adventure.

I always thought I’d get one when I’ve made lots of money or just sometime in the future. I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen, but I knew one day I would. Alongside this, I also had another dream as an entrepreneur; to go around the world; connecting, meeting and interviewing people on stages. I’ve been talking on stages for years about the importance of human connection, the importance of good and positive messages and the importance of creating a life you love.

How my dreams became a reality (very quickly!)

On one pretty crappy week in July 2019 my 2 dreams came together to create one of the most exciting, scary and crazy adventures of my life and of course it all started with a conversation over coffee.

I have an advisor for Inkpact (Steve), and I was telling him how we’ve switched our model at Inkpact to be 100% self-serve, which means we can run the company from anywhere (read about that here).

I was upset, in fact very upset, because I had to let go of a lot of the team, so Steve cheered me up by saying ‘well at least you can run the company from that dream camper now’, I laughed and didn’t think much of it. I went back to misery and sadness about letting the team go; doing my best to help find them new jobs and support them.

The next day Steve called me explaining – ‘I’ve got you a gift, I sit on the board of a campervan parts company and we are going to sponsor a conversion of a VW campervan for you to live and work in’…


I could barely speak; I couldn’t quite believe it. Steve is the CFO of Miriad products, the largest camper van parts company in the UK (I didn’t actually know this by the way, he’d kept this one quiet!) He spoke to me about the shift in the market towards a more nomadic life, with young people going into camping and how Miriad wanted to work with me on my mission of connecting humans…

Entrepreneur Charlotte touring the Miriad workshop of van parts
At the Miriad HQ for a tour of their workshop – it’s huge!

I didn’t want to get too excited yet as we had to find a van, but the ideas came rushing to me – take the van on the road, document living and working in a van, creating a business and life I love and being able to connect with people everywhere we go.

All we needed was a van. So, Steve called one of their best clients Camperking and I went in for a quick chat with the owner Spencer. 4 hours later after lots of exhilarating conversations about how to build a brand, family business, human connection, making a difference and a bit of van chat I walked away, with a van on order…


Spencer is genuinely one of the nicest most incredible men I’ve met, he’s built his company from the ground up and they have so many orders for vans they struggle to keep up! What a great position to be in and I know for sure that’s because of the way they treat people, their staff and customers. Camperking convert VW standard vans into the most beautiful, practical vehicles. I’d expected to go in, meet Spencer and chat about possibilities for an adventure. I had no idea that when I walked out, I would have spec-ed out and ordered my very own van!

After 3 hours of chatting, laughing and scheming I looked around some of their vans. Spencer asked me to pick my colour scheme (luckily, I’d done a whole week of Pintrest) so I knew exactly what I wanted.

The best bit was; we were in a van talking about ovens and I was explaining how I wanted to do interviews with people I meet along the way, and how lovely it would be to turn the roof into a blackboard for them to sign – he agreed and we were excited… then he asked what colour van I’d want. That was easy, white of course, he made a joke about it being a big whiteboard. We both looked at each other knowing it was a bit crazy, but we loved it – Sharpies! We’d get people to write positive messages on the van! I’d had the idea before but didn’t think anyone would actually let me do it – Spencer said why not!

Meeting Inky…

So, she was ordered, My VW T6 long wheel-based baby in white with tan leather seats, a full oven pop top & wifi…

Here she is on the day we first met before her makeover;

Entrepreneur Charlotte in her dream Van Inky before it was spec-ed out
The day we first met, love at first sight, even if she was rough and ready…

This is how a vision board, a conversation over coffee and some epic humans brought my dreams to realisation and created the adventure of a lifetime.

Hand-drawn logo of Inky the little van on a big mission

Inky’s mission is:

To spread love, connection and creativity across the UK, Europe and maybe even the world.  Because no matter how technical the world gets, after all we are human, we want to connect, we want to have fun, we want to live a life we love and we want an adventure…

How are we doing that?

We will be driving an awesome little camper called Inky across the world. Along the way we will be meeting people, doing interviews, creating video content and inspiring people to live a life they love.  Oh, and one of the best bits is, we’re creating an inspirational moving piece of art – each human we come into contact with will have the opportunity to handwrite a message to the world on her – yes that’s right – real sharpie’s!

What does she look like?

Well you’re going to have to wait and see for that! I’ll do a post on the build very soon, so keep a lookout for that going live…

Never forget how powerful you are, always share your dreams with people & only ever work with incredible humans like Steve (Miriad) and Spencer (Camperking) because it’s people like them that get stuff done and want to make a difference in the world.

Steve and Spencer I am so grateful for your energy, your time and your belief in my vision…

Here’s to the start of an epic adventure!

Love always,

An over the moon camper owner



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