10 (well 25) things I know to be true about myself

A little while ago I was having one of my regular and incredibly valuable public speaking coaching sessions with Kate Cocker (a lady I am incredibly grateful to have in my life). She has always asked me 3 fundamental questions before every talk I’ve created, or any stage I’ve been on:

  • What’s the point of this talk (or interaction)?
  • What’s the one thing you want them to take away?
  • How do you want them to feel? How do you want them to feel about you?

These questions are invaluable to my life and before every TV interview, keynote, workshop or team meeting, I always ask myself these questions.  Now you’d think this was easy right? The first 2 questions I’d always know the answer to – it’s the reason why I was there or why I get out of bed everyday, but even after years of self-reflection I found the “how do I want them to feel about me question” incredibly hard.

So, Kate asked me to do an exercise – write down 10 things you know to be true about Charlotte.

In typical Charlotte fashion I couldn’t stick to 10 so below are the 25 things I know to be true about me. I’m sharing them with you now so that;

a) you can get to know me, who I am and things that make me unapologetically human and;

b) because it’s one of the most invaluable exercise’s I’ve done, and I encourage you to do the same. It’s amazing what comes up, but also, it’s amazing to work out which parts of you, you want to share in each interaction.

The things I know to be true about myself:

  1. I have a high energy and a high vibration; I bring light and positivity to almost every room and interaction
  2. I’m courageous, not afraid to stand up, change things or dive into something headfirst
  3. I love people and I love humanity DEEPLY 
  4. I’m honest (sometimes too honest) 
  5. Growth is really important to me in all areas of life – “If you’re not growing, you’re dying” is one of the quotes that resonates deeply with me
  6. My idols are – Oprah, Brene Brown, Tony Robbins and Maya Angelo
  7. I am a creator. I create and attract everything – things, situations, relationships, stories, my life and that gives me my power
  8. My spirit animal is a Blue Whale which I have tattooed onto my wrist
  9. I dabble in Tarot cards, holistic medicine, and alternative therapies, I love a good ceremony with a Sharman or a session with my wise women
  10. My friends call me the “white witch” because I somehow just know things
  11. I am comfortable with being vulnerable, I believe it’s the key to life
  12. Music moves me & sets my soul on fire
  13. I am wild spirited and slightly rebellious
  14. I am IMPATIENT it’s a blessing and a curse
  15. I love Podcasts and reading 
  16. I LOVE spending time with kids – I am really a big kid that loves to play 
  17. Crystals, Candles and Plants make me happy 
  18. I am obsessed with Stationary – obvs 
  19. I am a recovered chocoholic
  20. I am a guilty feminist: I am all for equality AND the door being held open for me! 
  21. I am a massive sucker for a Musical – Wicked is my fave 
  22. I am a DIE HARD Queen fan 
  23. I am an absolute BITCH to myself about the way I look, it takes up so much of my thinking time, it’s a constant life lesson to accept who and what I am
  24. I love a one-pager (she says as this drifts onto a 2nd page!)
  25. I have a love/hate relationship with Technology. It’s GREAT for social connection, its SHIT for physical connection… 

So why did I do this? Well the more points I can get into an interaction, be it a workshop, a meeting or a blog post, the more the audience really gets to know me. For example; in every talk I will talk about stories from my life, which include some of my witchy Spiritualness or may quote Tony Robbins, I’ll walk on to a Queen song and reference a musical here and there and tell stories from the eyes of a kid.

It also helps inform the content I write, the books I read etc etc.

Your turn!

Take some time in a beautiful location, one that clears your mind and inspires you (this may become your first point) take out a trusty fountain pen and get writing – 10 (or more) things you know to be true about the wonderful awesome you!

Love always

Charlotte x

P.s here’s my whale tattoo… I will probably write a post about her soon.

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